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BRICS experts call for using Big Data in official statistics

Heads of BRICS National Statistical Offices (NSOs) discussed new approaches of data processing, use of alternative data sources and reviewed the outcomes of their work in 2020. On December 14th, the 12th meeting was held under Russian BRICS Chairmanship 2020 via videoconference.

“Due to the rapid development of new technologies, there are fundamental changes in approaches to data collection and processing. Streaming collection tools, cloud platforms, experimental sandboxes, data hubs, universal data marts are being created worldwide. Digitalization has already become the main driver of official statistics development”, - addressed his colleagues Pavel Malkov, the Head of Rosstat.

Heads of NSOs had a robust discussion on "Digitalization of official statistics". Representatives from Brazil, India and China called to support the UN initiative in using Big Data and join the exchange of best practices in this area.

Pavel Malkov highlighted the importance of staff training and professional development required for addressing new challenges of digital transformation in statistics. Many countries have already established special training and resource centers. In October, Rosstat launched similar center in Russia in cooperation with UNESCAP and the World Bank. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my colleagues from China and India. Based on their experience we’ve established our International Center for Statistical Expertise “Centrostat", - added Pavel Malkov.

Sergey Egorenko, Deputy Head of Rosstat, presented “BRICS Joint Statistical Publication 2020” introducing the main socio-economic indicators of BRICS countries in comparison and in dynamics over the last 10 years. In general, the set of SDG indicators in the country tables of the publication has significantly expanded.

“I would like to thank my colleagues from Brazil, India, China and South Africa for all the efforts related to the joint statistical publication”, - noted Pavel Malkov. – Due to the pandemic restrictions, there were some difficulties in providing data and the work took longer time than it was expected. Nevertheless, we managed to release this publication for our meeting. Now I’m holding it in my hands and, once again, I want to express my appreciation for the experts from BRICS statistical offices who took part in this work. "

In conclusion of the meeting delegates summed up the outcomes of work of their statistical offices during the pandemic. Russia handed over the Chairmanship in official statistics to India for the next year and the head of the National Statistical Office of India shared their plans for 2021.

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