2024 Rosstat Development Strategy

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to present to you the 2024 Rosstat Development Strategy. This document is a product of joint team work of experts and Rosstat employees. We managed to find responses to the most important challenges faced by the Federal State Statistics Service. Moreover, the main challenge for us is driven by the fast-paced world and rapid transformation of conventional technologies and institutions.

When developing the Strategy, we have formulated a goal and structured our tasks. Our mission is to quickly provide consumers with reliable data at the cost of a minimum respondent burden. To put it simply, it is essential to ensure that statistics is high-quality, updated and inexpensive. Moreover, statistics is a public good, which means that society should have easy access to the entire diversity of data.

To get closer to this, we have to:

  • understand what data and indicators our users need and in what form they would like to receive them;
  • learn how to apply effective techniques and tools to get the information we need at a minimum cost;
  • increase efficiency and quality of operational processes of data production, including further automation of Rosstat activities;
  • implement the best international practices and Russian scientific developments into production processes.

I am sure the goals and tasks set are achievable. We have already initiated a number of projects that will contribute to this work. I hope that all those who are interested in the further development of Rosstat and Russian statistics will support and help us.


Pavel Malkov

Head of Rosstat