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Digital analytical platform

Digital analytical platform

The Digital analytical platform (DAP) is a national information system aimed at automatic data collection, storage, and processing. It also serves for the planning of statistics production and data dissemination. The development of DAP is one of the activities of the National Program "Digital Economy of the Russian Federation."

The platform has responded to the users' demand for a convenient way to provide data to the government, decrease the reporting burden and efficiency of official data presentation.

DAP consists of the following elements:

- register of statistical observation forms and statistical indicators;

- register of statistical observation units;

- toolkit for the Federal statistical work plan operation;

- single warehouse of primary data;

- DAP "Analytical showcase" subsystem.

Key results for 2020:

The trial operation, approbation, and acceptance tests of DAP;

The primary filling of DAP: 240 forms of official statistical observation, about 5,000 indicators of official statistical observation, and basic all-Russian classifiers;

The subsystem "Analytical showcase of SIS DAP" has been developed.

Key objectives for 2021:

Normative consolidation of the DAP status as a state information system;

DAP industrial implementation with the phased involvement of 65 federal executive bodies - subjects of statistical accounting;

Transfer of the DAP "Analytical Showcase" subsystem to experimental and then commercial operation, and its filling with administrative data;

Preparation of proposals for the development of DAP elements.


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