Publication catalogue

BRICS Joint Statistical Publications are made up of several chapters: the first chapter is a summary of the entire publication, presenting general information with comparable statistics of the five countries, while the other chapters reflect different aspects of the past development and current status of the individual countries. In each of the last chapters, there are two components: a summary table with graphs, followed by country tables. The summary table and graphs present the most comparable information among the five countries while the country tables show more detailed information specific to the individual countries. We trust that BRICS JSPs will be highly useful for all stakeholders.
The statistical abstract contains information on indicators of achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals in the Russian Federation. The section of international comparisons includes information from the databases of the UN and other international organizations.
This quarterly electronic edition contains a number of tables and coloured graphs highlighting macroeconomic situation in Russia during a year based on quarterly indicators. Information is given in dynamics by quarters of the current and previous years. The journal includes concise information and statistical review on social and economic situation of the country for the corresponding period (quarter, half of the year, 9 months, year). Major indicators characterizing economical situation and social sphere of every subjects of the Russian Federation are also published.
The book presents statistical data on the social and economic situation of Russia in 2018 and in comparison with previous years. Most data are given since 2000, though a much longer time series is provided for a number of indicators. The collection includes over 700 tables that characterize the development of the Russian economy as a whole, as well as its sectors. Information on the activities of organizations is presented by economic activity. Some indicators are broken down by federal districts and constituent entities of the Russian Federation.
The Yearbook contains data related to administrative and territorial breakdown, population size, age and sex structure, spatial distribution of the population in the Russian Federation, to births and deaths, marriages and divorces,migration. The Handbook has been published since 1994. From 2014 statistical information by constituent entities of the Russian Federation has been provided in a separate electronic annex. Since 2014 the publication has been issued only in electronic format, since 2016 – once every two years.
The handbook contains information on the socio-econonomic situation of Russia. It presents data characterizing the public structure of the Russian Federation, production and use of the Gross domestic product. Information is published on the population, its employment and money incomes. The handbook highlights problems of social sphere, results of R&D work and innovation activities, finances, investments, prices and tariffs. Some materials are dedicated to situation in organizations of different kinds of economic activities. Reffected are the external economic activities and information on the Balance of payments of the Russian Federation. Selected international comparisons are also given. Since 2018 the handbook " Russia in Figures " in English is not published.