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Russian Statistical Yearbook

The Yearbook contains statistical data on the main socio-economic characteristics of the Russian Federation. It includes description of the geographical and climatic conditions of Russia, data on the environment and national wealth, information about the population, its employment, cash income,  and social sphere, national accounts indicators characterizing the macroeconomic aspects of the formation and functioning of a market economy as well as general description of enterprises and organizations, information about small and individual entrepreneurship.

A significant place in the collection is given to indicators that illuminate the situation in certain sectors of the economy: industry, agriculture and forestry, fishing and fish farming, construction, transport, communications, and industries serving the population. Data on scientific potential of the Russian Federation, results of research and development, innovation and information technology, the financial condition of organizations, investments, prices and tariffs are presented. 

Foreign economic activity is characterized by information on foreign trade. The Yearbook features data on international comparisons of the key socio-economic indicators of Russia and other countries of the world.

 Statistical data allowing comparisons by the constituent entities of the Russian Federation are also available in the certain tables of the publication. 

Since 2017, the Russian Statistical Yearbook has been published in Russian and English. 

Since 2022 - only in electronic form.

Russian Statistical Yearbook 2023

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Russian Statistical Yearbook 2022

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Russian Statistical Yearbook 2021

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Russian Statistical Yearbook 2020

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Russian Statistical Yearbook 2019

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Russian Statistical Yearbook 2018

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Russian Statistical Yearbook 2017