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20 October 2020 – World Statistics Day

Statisticians from over 100 countries around the globe celebrate the World Statistics Day on 20 October 2020. World Statistics Day, established by the UN, is celebrated every five years and this year its general theme is “Connecting the world with data we can trust”.

The growing demand for data and focus on official statistics resulted in declaring 20 October as the World Statistics Day by the UN. The relevant resolution 64/267 was adopted on 3 June 2010. António Guterres, the UN Secretary-General, Stefan Schweinfest, Director of the UN Statistics Division and John Pullinger, President of International Association of Official Statistics as well as other prominent politicians, international experts and scientists highlight the necessity and significance of statistics in their greetings.

Mikhail Mishustin, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, also congratulated Russian statisticians.

“Thanks to your professionalism, your commitment to well-coordinated and accurate work, the policy makers are provided with reliable and timely statistical information on various aspects of society. Official statistics underlies informed policy decision-making and provides basis for planning of official budget and different state programs”, – said Mikhail Mishustin.

“It is the statisticians who provide the benchmark data quality and select only reliable sources. We must always be prompt, impartial and accurate in our assessments. These are basic roles of official statistics which acts as a safeguard of quality. After all, the future of the state and people is based on these roles, - said Pavel Malkov, the Head of Rosstat, in his video greeting to colleagues. – Nowadays official statistics is one of the key tools for a modern competent manager. Like a barometer it shows efficiency of country and society development, reveal problems and identify growth factors”.

World Statistics Day will be celebrated today globally with local events including presentation of Centrostat, conducting of statistical dictation, and other events.

Thematic website was also launched containing “statistics about statisticians”: facts and figures about national statistical offices, history of statistics, Rosstat new projects, interview with the world’s famous statisticians.

From October 20 to 22 everyone is welcome to check statistical literacy by taking part in statistical dictation and to receive a special commemorative certificate.

Presentation of the International Center for Statistical Expertise Centrostat  will begin at 16:00 on 20 October at the International Multimedia Press Center “Russia today”.

Find out more about those who provide society with high-quality and reliable statistical information from the infographics.

Happy World Statistics Day!

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