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Collecting Data in New Ways: Rosstat Changes Approach to Working With Respondents

"Any reporting loads the business. But it is necessary, and the most important state decisions are made on its basis. The task of Rosstat is to facilitate and simplify the interaction of respondents with statisticians. We must change and change our approaches to data collection and processing," said Pavel Malkov, speaking at a meeting of the expanded board of the Ministry of Digital Development of the Kaluga Region on February 18, 2021.

"Today, in addition to Rosstat, 64 federal ministries and departments, as well as the Bank of Russia, collect statistical information. Each of them has its own indicators, information systems, methodology for collecting, analyzing and publishing information. In some cases, we encounter duplication of indicators. This increases the burden on respondents," Mr Malkov believes. "We need to put all this in order."

Rosstat is already actively using administrative sources in the calculation of various indicators. There is an active dialogue with businesses and owners of data that can be used to generate official statistical information.

The Digital Analytics Platform (DAC) will be an important step forward. In the coming months, the project will be put into commercial operation. More than ten federal agencies have already confirmed their readiness to work in the system. The DAC will combine the collection and storage of all statistical data in a single digital space.

The head of Rosstat stressed that "only statistical information will be aggregated, and not all data collected by the state." The particular significance of the DAC also lies in the fact that, based on a digital analytical platform, various electronic services can be created, thus facilitating and simplifying the interaction of citizens with authorities at various levels.

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