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Which Rankings Are in Need and Which Make Sense indeed: International Conference Key Results hosted by Rosstat

The conference "International Country and City Rankings: Methodology, Data, Transparency" was held on September 28 in the framework of the 63rd ISI World Statistics Congress. The conference is organized by Rosstat in cooperation with the Moscow Complex for Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations, Moscow Department of Economic Policy and Development and the Moscow Analytical Center.

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The record shows that international rankings affect all spheres of countries, regions and cities’ life. It is an important modern tool for decision-making. However, as more and more ratings appear each year, the results often lack clarity and transparency. In addition to official statistics, alternative data sources and estimates are often used. All these factors complicate the process of data verification and citizens’ perception of rankings.

The conference participants, including representatives of government, business and international organizations,  discussed ways to harmonize approaches to the development, creation and analysis of international rankings of cities and countries. One of the central issues of the upcoming conference will be dedicated to ensuring an open dialogue and developing effective mechanisms for interaction with international organizations and ranking agencies.

Among the speakers are Head of Rosstat Pavel Malkov, Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Polina Kryuchkova, Moscow Vice-Mayor for Economics and Property Relations Vladimir Efimov, Head of Department of Economic Policy and Development of the Сity of Moscow Kirill Purtov, International Statistical Institute President Steve Penneck, International Statistical Institute Director Ada Van Crimpen, Director of OECD Centre for Well-Being, Inclusion, Sustainability and Equal Opportunity Romina Boarini and others.

The event was held in a hybrid mode, online and in person - in Rosstat (Miasnitskaya St., 39, bldg. 1, Moscow Russia).

You can get detailed information about the content of the sessions and the participants here.

Conference Key Results

The main topic of the conference was the role of data in international research. The participants spoke about approaches to the compilation of international rankings, the interaction of their compilers with national statistical offices, and the use of rankings by various user groups.

The influence of the rankings on the decision-making of investors and entrepreneurs in terms of determining regional business priorities was noted, as well as the role of these rankings for adjusting the strategies of countries and cities to attract investors, entrepreneurs, and highly qualified labor was emphasized.

The specifics of working with official statistics of countries and cities were explained for authors of rankings, international organizations and databases; the methods of filling in the missing data, as well as the cases of using alternative data sources, including estimated data, expert and public opinion polls, were highlighted.

The problems of data verification are indicated and the most effective solutions for verification are noted. The participants also emphasized points of convergence among producers and consumers of rankings and pointed out the need to provide feedback and mechanisms of interaction between them.

The event has successfully fulfilled its task - to attract the attention of all parties to the problem of compiling and analyzing rankings of countries and cities: government, business, international organizations, and those who make up the research. The conference participants noted the importance of holding such events on a regular basis. One of the promising tasks of future conferences is to involve in the dialogue representatives of the authorities of other foreign countries and cities, who use the results of the rankings to develop and adjust their development strategies.

As a result of the conference, the importance of data openness and transparency of methodology in compiling international rankings was underlined, as well as the desirability of creating an international platform under the auspices of the International Association of Official Statistics ISI as one of the tools for developing effective interaction between ranking producers and official data providers.

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