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The meeting of the Statistical Council of Rosstat and Belstat took place

The joint action plan of Rosstat and Belstat for a two-year period was signed during the 20th anniversary meeting of the Statistical Council of these two organizations, which took place on May 26-27 in Mogilev (Republic of Belarus). Most of the activities included in the plan are aimed at increasing the level of harmonization and synchronization of statistical indicators calculations in order to ensure their comparability. This will allow the authorities of Russia and Belarus to receive up-to-date information on all areas of the socio-economic life of the two countries.

As the Head of Rosstat Sergey Galkin noted, “Our goal is to provide the authorities of our states, as well as business and society, with relevant and reliable data.

The priorities of our cooperation are largely related to the course of the socio-economic integration of Russia and Belarus. This is a key vector for the development of the Union State,” – noted Sergey Galkin. – “It is important for us to ensure the maximum comparability of statistical indicators. This will allow our governments to rely on a common statistical base in decision-making, to shape an overall macroeconomic policy within the Union State and make effective decisions for the benefit of residents of Russia and Belarus.

The Head of Belstat Inna Medvedeva stressed that “the closest relationships of the National Statistical Committee of Belarus, both in the post-Soviet region and in the world, have developed with colleagues from Rosstat. Today, the harmonization of processes - from developing the model of statistical production itself to the release of the Statistical Yearbook - is one of the significant tasks of our statistical offices. All this allows us to be in the trend of international statistical practices and introduce new indicators, including environmental and SDGs indicators, which are in demand at the current stage by the state and society.

According to Sergey Galkin, “synergy is important in cooperation with Belarusian colleagues. We have common goals in many key areas of statistics.” The head of Rosstat emphasized that “we have a long-standing partnership relations with Belstat. We continuously exchange our best practices in various areas of statistics and work on the implementation of statistical production methodologies that comply with international standards.

The statistical services of Russia and Belarus participate in the implementation of 28 union programs aimed at establishing a unified macroeconomic policy within the Union State. The participants of the meeting highlighted that in order to successfully achieve the goals set by the leadership of our countries the unified approaches to the calculation of statistical indicators and synchronization of statistical reporting are needed. During the presentations, it was noted that a high level of data integration has been achieved in a number of areas. However, the joint action plan of Rosstat and Belstat for 2022–2023, signed during the meeting, expands the space for collaboration and includes new tasks related to modern challenges and technological changes.

We are going through a historically very important stage in the development of relations between Russia and Belarus, when activities on expanding and deepening the integration spaces are increasing,” said Marianna Shchetkina, the Head of Mission of the Standing Committee of the Union State in Minsk. – “To achieve success, it is necessary to make informed decisions and predict possible changes. To accomplish this, we have to measure and digitize all the processes, compare them, and draw conclusions on the base of which management decisions could be made. All this requires statistics. And the Statistical Council consisting of Belstat and Rosstat representatives plays a special role in this process. Above all, its main function is to coordinate convergence of indicators assessing socio-economic development and the people’s living standards. All the aspects are important - both the common approaches in organizing and maintaining statistics, and applying the same methodologies for digitization and development of macroeconomic indicators.

The meeting of the Statistical Council of Belstat and Rosstat was held under the diplomatic escort of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Belarus.


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