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BRICS NSOs to produce a joint statistical publication

On 16-17 April, Rosstat held a Technical meeting of the NSO`s of the BRICS countries on the preparation of a joint statistical publication chaired by Sergey Egorenko, Deputy Head of Rosstat.

During the meeting, experts discussed the work plan for 2024, as well as the requirements for the data that Rosstat will receive from the member countries of the association to prepare the next issue of the publication.

“10 years ago, this mutually beneficial and fruitful cooperation resulted in the first edition of the Joint Statistical Publication. Thanks to hard work of experts, over time the Publication has been transformed into a full-fledged periodical contributing to the dissemination of BRICS statistics on key areas of economic and social development.

Together we have already achieved impressive results – the Publication has aroused great interest of statisticians, business and scientific community, political decision makers.

Today`s meeting with the participation of the new member countries is further confirmation of our collective intention to continue our work,” said the head of the Russian delegation in his welcoming speech.


Sergey Egorenko also specified that in addition to the traditional publication in printed and electronic versions, the new edition will be presented online on the BI (Business Intelligence) platform. The functionality of the online platform will allow users to work with tabular and visualised information, as well as customise the search for statistical data to suit their needs.


The BRICS Joint Statistical Publication has been produced annually since 2010. It contains data on changes in the most important economic and social indicators. Among them are indicators of economic activity of the population, living standards, price indices, GDP dynamics and structure. It also provides information on the production of the most important types of industrial
and agricultural products. It describes the development of energy, transport, communications, finance and foreign economic relations of the countries. Environmental data are also provided.


The publication and the statistical platform will be presented during the BRICS summit to be held in Kazan on 22-24 October 2024.

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