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The Russian population census brings together Rosstat and Sberbank

The main statistical event of the decade will take place with the participation of the largest bank in the country. The cooperation agreement was signed by the Head of Rosstat Pavel Malkov and Sberbank CEO and Chairman of the Management Board German Gref.

“We want the Russian population census to be modern, innovative and convenient for every resident of our country. The support of Sberbank, which has accumulated extensive experience in digital transformation, is very important for us. It will be easier to take the next step together,” says Pavel Malkov.

The Bank uses all its online and offline resources to implement an awareness-raising campaign to promote the census. Employees of Sberbank, visitors to its branches and departments, users of the official website and social media accounts learn about the goals and objectives of the census.

Sberbank's subsidiary insurance company, Sberbank Insurance, will insure about 360 thousand people against accidents - enumerators, volunteers, all those who will be directly involved in filling out the census forms.

“The population census has a great importance for the development of our country, because you can effectively manage only what you know in all details. Sberbank fully supports the census and is ready to assist Rosstat using our capabilities and competencies in informing the population and insuring enumerators, as well as digital technologies that will help to enhance all these processes,” said German Gref.

The agreement does not impose any financial obligations either on Rosstat or on Sberbank. “The interaction of the parties within the framework of the implementation of this agreement is free of charge. All expenses that may incur as part of fulfillment of the obligations provided by this agreement are charged to the account of each party,” the document says.

The census was planned to take place from October 1 to October 31, 2020. Due to the epidemiological risks in the country, Rosstat came up with a proposal to postpone it until 2021.

Residents of Russia will be able to participate in the census on their own by filling out a questionnaire on the State Services portal using a computer or mobile device, or at census offices, including those in the premises of the multifunctional centers My Documents. The traditional census format will also be preserved - about 360 thousand enumerators equipped with specialized software tablets will visit all residential premises.

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