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Website of the 2020 Russian Population Census launched

The official website of the 2020 Russian population census was launched. It informs visitors about the preparation and conduct of the 2020 Census.

The latest and most updated information, including messages, press releases, announcements of upcoming events, comments by Rosstat management and experts, can be found in the “News” section. The most interesting articles on the census published in the media are posted in the “Publications”. The library of census materials is being constantly updated.

The census will take place in a new digital format, therefore, when creating the website, special attention was paid to the multimedia component. A corresponding section contains photo and video materials of the 2020 Census official events. All the photos are available for downloading and use in publications. The section also contains videos, explaining the significance of a large-scale social event,
its mechanism and basic terms (why the census is important for the future of the country, how the first Russian digital census will take place, why you should not be afraid of personal information disclosure, what is a household, etc.).

The new website not only informs visitors about the course of the census, but also gives them an opportunity to take part in the main statistical event of the decade. Therefore, the section “Contests and Quizzes” will soon appear on the website. Here one can see the information on the 2020 Census mascot contest, children's drawings, photos and videos, as well as a quiz dedicated to the project. Fans of creative competitions are welcome to register and create a personal account, which can be used for posting your contributions and voting for your favorite contestants.

The section “I want to become an enumerator” provides information on the working conditions during the census, as well as links to the webpages of Rosstat’s regional offices. In addition, the website contains all the legislative and regulatory documents related to the 2020 Russian population census.

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