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Head of Rosstat informed the Russian legislators about the plans for regional statistics development

Pavel Malkov, Head of Rosstat, informed the heads of legislative authorities of the Russian constituent entities about the impact of analysis and work with statistics on effective management decision-making.

The presentation during the seminar of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation took place on December, 17.

“Statistics and analytical data are tools for analyzing and understanding current challenges, as well as the effectiveness of meeting them. We need to have the ability to develop a further strategy based on these data. If we just state problems and not act, it will show our complete irresponsibility and aggravate the processes,” said Irina Yarovaya, the moderator of the seminar, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, in her welcome speech.

“As you are aware, statistics knows everything, but today it is not enough just to know or to have data. It is necessary to show them properly and apply them correctly. Official statistics is a huge sea where data flow from absolutely all sources. Rosstat alone calculates about sixty thousand indicators. Efficiency of their application is a big question,” said Pavel Malkov.

Head of Rosstat informed about the indicators calculated by the Service for monitoring national federal projects (programs),  evaluating effectiveness  of top officials and executive authorities of the Russian Federation , as well as the system of indicators for monitoring effectiveness of the Decade of Childhood measures. He also mentioned possibilities of using up-to-date statistics in legislative activities and spoke about official data sources.

Malkov paid special attention to the Rosstat’s activities on development of regional and municipal statistics. These include creating a comprehensive system of socio-economic indicators for development of municipalities, providing access to depersonalized microdata, conducting systematic video conferences with representatives of regional ministries, training courses on statistics methodology and analysis, designing modern forms for monitoring key development indicators, etc.

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