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20,000 volunteers to participate in the 2020 Census

For the first time volunteers will be involved in preparation and conduct of the 2020 Russian Population Census. An agreement was reached between Rosstat and Rosmolodezh at the International Volunteer Forum.

On December 4, at the International Volunteer Forum, the Head of Rosstat, Pavel Malkov, and the Head of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh), Alexander Bugaev, signed a cooperation agreement on the Census Volunteers Project implementation.

“I am sure, this large-scale project, will give an additional impetus to our work. It will allow us to conduct the census even better and obtain more complete and accurate data. The data, which will form the basis of many important projects for our country, will allow us not only to evaluate the path we have passed, but also to look into the future with confidence”, said Pavel Malkov during the signing ceremony.

At least 20 thousand volunteers will be involved in preparation of the 2020 Russian Population Census. They will take part in the public awareness campaign, provide advisory assistance, and also will be directly involved in data collection – as enumerators.

The Census Volunteers Project participants will be selected by regional volunteer development centers together with Rosstat regional offices and interagency volunteer councils of the Russian constituent entities.

Regional volunteer corps will be created on the basis of the regional volunteer development centers for the Census Volunteers Project implementation.

“In recent years, we have managed to create a developed infrastructure for volunteering: resource centers and interagency councils contribute to formation of census volunteer corps. Today it is difficult to imagine a large project without participation of volunteers, and we are pleased to embrace a new direction, opening up the opportunity for volunteers to try their hand at sociological work, get to know people and their stories”, said Alexander Bugaev, Head of Rosmolodezh.

Training of volunteers and signing of contracts for their participation in the census as enumerators will be organized by Rosstat and its regional offices. They will also determine the list of social institutions that will assist the "Census Volunteers" in enumeration of certain population categories.

International Volunteer Forum in photos

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