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Rosstat informs on the timelines of publications release

Rosstat collects reports required by the Federal Statistical Work Plan under the conditions of transferring a significant number of employees to remote work or self-isolation mode. Less than half of the employees are regularly present at workplaces in the central office, approximately a quarter to one third of employees are transferred to remote work in the regional offices.

Complicated working conditions affected the duration of performing calculations and, in some cases, required additional verification of the source data and the calculations itself.

In this regard, Rosstat had to adjust the time for information release. In May, 2020, all data were published strictly on the date established by the Federal Statistical Work Plan, however, the time for a number of publications' release had been moved throughout the day.

In this regard, it was decided that Rosstat information materials will be published at 19.00 (Moscow time).

At the same time, Rosstat will make every effort to ensure that urgent publications are issued according to the Federal Statistical Work Plan.

In our work, we give priority to the quality, accuracy and reliability of published data.

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