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Population Census

    • Population included in the 2018 Pilot Census
      21.56 Kb, 07.12.2021
      Population by age group and sex
      16.53 Kb, 07.12.2021
      Population aged 16 and over by sex and status in marriage, conjugal union
      15.08 Kb, 07.12.2021
      Population aged 6 and over by educational level
      15.67 Kb, 07.12.2021
      Nationality of the population
      14.31 Kb, 07.12.2021
      Population by livelihood
      15.78 Kb, 07.12.2021
      Population aged 15 and over by employment
      14.13 Kb, 07.12.2021
      Population of private households by duration of residence at the place of permanent residence
      13.92 Kb, 07.12.2021
      Population of private households by type of occupied dwellings
      12.62 Kb, 07.12.2021
      Private households living in individual (single-family) houses, separate and communal apartments, by the number of occupied rooms and the size of the household
      18.35 Kb, 07.12.2021
      Women aged 15 and over living in private households by number of children born
      14.11 Kb, 07.12.2021
      Average size of total living space per member of private households
      14.47 Kb, 07.12.2021
      Population of private households by place of residence and place of registration
      15.08 Kb, 07.12.2021
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