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The statistical publication contains official statistical information characterizing the development of tourism in the Russian Federation.

The publication presents indicators of the activity of collective accommodation facilities and the number of tourists accommodated in them, the activities of travel agencies, data on international tourist trips, the scope of services in tourism industry and prices for these services, finance, investments, the amount of spending on tourism and recreation and export of tourism services.

A number of indicators are given in the context of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, for individual cities of increased tourist interest, as well as in comparison with other countries.

A significant part of the material is clearly presented in the form of graphs and diagrams.

Section 1. Indicators of tourism development in the Russian Federation
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Section 2. Key indicators of collective accommodation facilities
246.46 Kb, 20.09.2022
Section 3. Main indicators of activity of travel agencies
108.55 Kb, 20.09.2022
Section 4. Certain indicators of tourism industry
120.77 Kb, 20.09.2022
Section 5. The main indicators of the activity of collective accommodation facilities and travel agencies in the context of constituent entities of the Russian Federation and cities
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Section 6. International comparisons
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