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Labor Market, Employment, and Salaries

Main indicators

Labour force size and composition
75.5 Kb, 11.08.2018
Average annual number of employed in the economy by ownership types
83 Kb, 11.08.2018
Number of employed by sex and occupation in 2015
103 Kb, 11.08.2018
Employed by age groups and educational attainment in 2016
72 Kb, 11.08.2018
Number of unemployed
101 Kb, 11.08.2018
Unemployment by age groups and educational attainment in 2016
71 Kb, 11.08.2018
Job placements by the state employment services
76.5 Kb, 11.08.2018
63 Kb, 11.08.2018
Occupational injuries
60.5 Kb, 11.08.2018
Occupational diseases (intoxications)
54.5 Kb, 11.08.2018

Methodological guidelines and commentary

Methodological guidelines
57 Kb, 11.08.2018

Release dates

Labour force
43.5 Kb, 11.08.2018
Number of Not Engaged in Labor Activities Persons Applied for Assistance to the State Employment Services
47.5 Kb, 11.08.2018

Graphical presentation

Changes in the Number of Unemployed Persons, Officially Registered by State Employment Service
29.5 Kb, 11.08.2018